Strategic and Focused

We create value and build great businesses when our core competencies can be applied to their critical needs

Successful Track Record with a Focus on Growth

Tailwind Technologies Inc. is the parent company of Hartzell Propeller and Hartzell Engine Technologies. The corporation has been an active acquirer of companies and product lines since 2004. We are organized to facilitate growth both organically and through acquisitions. Our platform companies are held as subsidiaries and operate as stand-alone businesses with independent management teams. We continue to seek strategic add-ons to our existing operating companies and desire to add a third platform company that has the ability to grow organically and/or by add-on acquisitions. What makes Tailwind unique is our deep bench of operating talent mated to our portfolio of core competencies that can be applied with the speed, flexibility and efficiency that a privately held business can deliver. That ability to leverage our talent and skills alongside the operating company’s management team has been a successful formula. This approach keeps management empowered and maintains the culture of the company. We pride ourselves on creating a smooth transition to new ownership since many of our acquisitions have been founder or founder family owned.


Sustained Success

Our objective is to make direct, long-term investments in value-added manufacturing companies that complement the existing portfolio or leverage core competencies. Since 1987, Tailwind Technologies has engaged in numerous transactions and has been on both sides of the process. Tailwind’s approach is to invest for the long term to make sure each business is positioned for continued success. READ MORE


Hartzell Propeller is the leading manufacturer of aircraft propeller systems in the world and serves the general aviation industry globally. Hartzell designs and builds constant-speed variable pitch propellers for general aviation applications.  


Hartzell Engine Technologies product lines include turbocharger systems, alternators, starters, Janitrol Heaters, fuel pumps, oil filters, ignition harnesses, magnetos, voltage regulators and MCUs and a large range of other electrical components.


Located in Minneapolis, AWI specializes in welding, bending and fabricating sheet metal and tubing and manufactures, repairs and overhaul piston aircraft exhaust and engine mounts.


AMI specializes in machining and welding with a focus on bending and welding tube assemblies for jet engines and airframes and metal details for AWI’s exhaust and engine mount business.


Quality Aircraft Accessories (QAA) is a FAA Part 145 Class 1 and Class 2 Repair Station with locations in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida with the in-house ability to overhaul most engine and airframe accessories.


A successful acquisition company relies on the steady stewardship of an experienced and capable management team. Meet the Leadership Team of Tailwind Technologies Inc. READ MORE