Strategically Positioned for Success

The Tailwind Technologies Inc. objective is to acquire controlling interest in value-added manufacturing companies that complement the existing portfolio or leverage core competencies. The specific investment strategy incorporates:

  • Middle market focus on value-added manufacturing
  • Being a preferred buyer in select situations
    • Efficient, disciplined due diligence utilizing our experience as business operators
    • Certainty of closure leveraging our strong balance sheet and existing long-term relationships with lending partners
    • Flexibility to accommodate different acquisition structures
    • Family owned, long-term owners for sellers looking to maintain a culture of the same
  • Building enterprise value
    • Applying core competencies
    • Blending entrepreneurial skills with rigorous use of systems and key performance measures
    • Emphasizing infrastructure development, business execution and capital investment

Core Competencies

As business operators, Tailwind Technologies Inc. has developed a wide range of skills and capabilities. We see ourselves as excelling in:

  • Managing growth through building systems and infrastructure
  • Close tolerance precision machining of aluminum, steel and titanium
  • Design and manufacture of highly stressed components
  • Design and manufacture of structural composites
  • Test and qualification of engineered products
  • Product liability management
  • Managing complex regulatory environments
  • Application of manufacturing technology to drive quality and productivity
  • Design and manufacture of elastomerics

Why Tailwind Technologies Inc.?

Within the buyer spectrum, Tailwind Technologies Inc. brings a unique combination of private ownership, sophisticated business operators and long term investment horizons. Tailwind can be a logical successor owner for family-owned or closely-held businesses, non-core businesses of larger entities or private equity owners that can utilize our unique capabilities to continue to enhance their businesses.

From a Seller’s Perspective

Tailwind Technologies Inc. is poised to be an efficient buyer. As operators, we can quickly frame a transaction and fundamental deal issues and we have resident skills to perform much of the diligence. Corporate, fund holder, or Board level approvals are a non-issue. And through our balance sheet, committed standing credit facility and strong relationships with financial institutions and capital partners, financing can be brought to bear on a rigorous timeline.


Tailwind’s objective is to make direct, long-term investments in value-added manufacturing companies that complement the existing portfolio or leverage core competencies.