Operating Companies



ACQUIRED 1987 EMPLOYEES 300+ HEADQUARTERS Piqua, Ohio WEBSITE HartzellProp.com Hartzell Propeller is the leading manufacturer of aircraft propeller systems in the world and serves the general aviation industry globally. Founded in 1917, the company has been owned by the Browns since 1987 when it was acquired from TRW. Hartzell is headquartered in Piqua, Ohio, and employs 300+ people. Hartzell designs and builds constant-speed variable pitch propellers for general aviation applications – both piston engine and turboprop. Aircraft propellers are highly engineered, flight-critical components tailored to individual aircraft. Engineering and quality assurance skills are crucial to the business as are best-of-class manufacturing capabilities. Some of the capabilities of the business include:

  • Close tolerance machining
  • Corrosion-resistant, long-wear, and reliability-focused products
  • Carbon composite fabrication capabilities
  • Stringent regulatory and quality systems management
  • Long product life cycle management
  • Product liability and risk management
  • Engineering and design


ACQUIRED 2010 EMPLOYEES 120 HEADQUARTERS Montgomery, Alabama WEBSITE Hartzell.aero Hartzell Engine Technologies was formed in 2010 after the acquisition of the assets of Kelly Aerospace Energy Systems, LLC. and employs 120 people. Hartzell Engine Technologies product lines include turbocharger systems, alternators, starters, Janitrol Heaters, South Wind heaters, fuel pumps, voltage regulators and a large range of other electrical components. These products primarily serve piston-engine general aviation, military aircraft, as well as piston and turbine engine helicopters. Some of the capabilities of the organization include:

  • Design and engineering
  • Close tolerance machining
  • Assembly
  • Product testing
  • Long product life cycle management



ACQUIRED 2009 EMPLOYEES 170 HEADQUARTERS Denton, Texas Mayday provides the global aerospace community with close tolerance machined components. The company has long experience producing bushings, sleeves, pins and other turned components many of which include complex milled features. Founded in 1966, Mayday serves the market with components that can be found on most of the world’s commercial aircraft and many tactical and transport military platforms. The company currently serves about 800 customers in 16 countries, including the world’s most recognized prime contractors and all of their associated supply chain participants. Mayday is a recognized and preferred supplier to Boeing, Bell Helicopter, Goodrich, Messier-Dowty, Heroux Devtek, GE and many others. Unique capabilities of the organization include:

  • Significant capability in close tolerance turned parts, including milled features
  • Co-located with Hi-Tech Metal Finishing – a NADCAP approved metal finishing shop
  • Parts broadly installed across business, commercial and military platforms
  • Focus on lean/efficiencies


ACQUIRED 2009 EMPLOYEES 90 HEADQUARTERS Denton, Texas Hi-Tech Metal Finishing is a metal processor providing support for aerospace components that are part of almost every commercial and military aircraft flying today. The company is approved by most aerospace prime contractors to do anodizing, cadmium plate, chem film (alodine), liquid penetrant inspection, magnetic particle inspection, passivation and prime / paint. Unique capabilities of the organization include:

  • Broad metal finishing capability
  • NADCAP Certifications from largest military& commercial aerospace contractors
  • OEM approvals from largest military & commercial aerospace contractors
  • Long-standing customer relationships within the aerospace community
  • Located within the Dallas-Fort Worth aerospace corridor


ACQUIRED 2004 EMPLOYEES 244 HEADQUARTERS Valencia, CA Hartzell Aerospace was formed out of the combination of Industrial Tub Corp, Electrofilm Manufacturing Company and AcousticFab and has two manufacturing sites in California with 244 employees. They are a leader in engineering, qualification, testing and manufacturing custom designed aerospace products used in environmental control subsystems (“ECS”). Each custom designed ECS  includes noise attenuation, heaters, freeze protection, ice protection, composite components and other ancillary parts.  These products serve the commercial aerospace industry and supply the leading OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers such as United Technologies, Boeing, Zodiac Aerospace, Honeywell, Bell Helicpoter & Embraer. Unique Capabilities of the organization

  • Substantial in house engineering and development competencies
  • Proven expertise in composite structures, specialty materials and noise attenuation
  • Maintains FAA & EASA repairs stations for a range of products
  • High technical capabilities at low cost
  • Full technical and program support for the life cycle of the product